Dry season feed supplements: The potential role of Cassia tora


M. El Hadj; O. Abaye; A. Kodio; M. Keita

Type of Document:
Scholarly Article


CABI Press

Date of Publication:

Place of Publication:
Cambridge, MA


In chapter 14, El Hadj et al. describe research in response to a request by Peul village women to deal with Cassia tora, an invasive plant that is unpalatable for grazing animals. As pasture lands have degraded, Cassia tora has spread throughout their fields out competing other plants. However, this noxious plant has potential as dry season forage when ensiled. The authors describe their analysis of the forage potential and their work with village women to develop ensilage techniques adapted to local conditions.

Additional Bibliographic Information

El Hadj, M., O. Abaye, A. Kodio and M. Keita. 2004. In press. Dry Season Feed Supplements: The Potential Role of Cassia tora. In Moore, K. (ed.) Conflict, Social Capital and Managing Natural Resources. CABI Press, London, UK.

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