Ecoagriculture: A review and assessment of its scientific foundations


L.E. Buck; T.A Gavin; D.R. Lee; N.T. Uphoff

Type of Document:
Research Report


Cornell University and SANREM CRSP, University of Georgia

Date of Publication:

Place of Publication:
Ithaca, NY


As problems such as the loss of biodiversity, rural poverty and environmental degradation get worse, natural resource management practices need to change to counter this trend. New institutions and practices need to be embraced in order to encourage practices to reverse these trends. There are also competing pressures, such as those to increase agricultural production and to conserve biodiversity, that must be dealt with.

One innovative management approach to deal with these disturbing trends is ecoagriculture. Ecoagriculture seeks to increase food production while also securing areas that enhance biodiversity. This report elaborates on the opportunities, concepts, and challenges in ecoagriculture. Agricultural productivity, biodiversity conservation, and livelihood objectives are discussed individually and then are integrated.

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