Effect of Pruning on Olive Production, Infestation by Black Scale and the Incidence of Olive Knot and Timing of Copper Sprays to Control Leaf Spot and Olive Knot

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Plant Protection Institute, Fruit Tree Research Institute, Agricultural University of Tirana(Albania); University of California, Virginia Tech (US)

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J. Tedeschini, B. Stamo, H. Pace,Plant Protection Institute; R. Uka, M. Hasan, Agricultural University of Tirana; Z. Veshi, M. Baci,Fruit Tree Research Institute;D. Pfeiffer,Virginia Tech; L. Ferguson, B. Teviotdale, University of California


This project investigated the effects of pruning (non-pruned, light pruning and heavy pruning) olive trees on the trees’ vegetative growth. Researchers also conducted a study applying treatments with copper fungicides to determine the best moment for spraying to control leaf spot and olive knot. This project will allow greater implementation of a non-chemical tactic to production of organically-acceptable products into olive integrated pest management.


1. To determine the effect of pruning on olive knot incidence 2. To determine the optimal timing of copper sprays to control olive leaf spot and olive knot diseases.


Heavy pruned treatment significantly increased vegetative growth and olive productivity. Also the quality of pesticide treatments was improved on the heavy pruned treatment and thus, a new strategy for olive leaf spot disease was developed.

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