Effects of clam size on heavy metal accumulation in whole soft tissues of Galatea paradoxa (born, 1778) from the Volta estuary, Ghana

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S. Amisah; D. Adjei-Boateng; K. A. Obirikorang; K.K. Quagrainie

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Scholarly Article


International Journal of Fisheries and Aquaculture

Date of Publication:
July 2009

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Not Available


Abstract: The Volta basin clam, Galatea paradoxa, is collected for food and remains an important affordable protein source for the riparian communities in the catchment. Clams accumulate metals in their soft tissues, which can be toxic to humans when consumed. A study was, therefore, carried out to examine the concentrations of Mn, Zn, Fe and Hg in G. paradoxa, at 3 different size classes: small (20 – 40 mm), medium (41

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