Effects of sowing date and fungicide application on yield of early and late maturing peanut cultivars grown under rainfed conditions in Ghana

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J.B. Naab; F. K. Tsigbey; P. V. V. Prasad; K. J. Boote; J. E. Bailey; R. L. Brandenburg

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Scholarly Article


Crop Protection

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Abstract: Late leaf spot is one of the important factors limiting peanut productivity in Ghana. It is essential to demonstrate the extent of yield losses caused by leaf spot and to develop suitable crop management practices. The objectives of this research were to study the effects of time of sowing, cultivar lifecycle, and fungicide sprays on disease incidence, biomass and pod yield of peanut crops grownunderrainfedconditions in northern Ghana. Two peanutcultivars, Chinese (90 days duration) and F-mix (120 days duration) were grown for three seasons (1999

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