Effects on Fertilization and Feeding Strategy on Water Quality, Growth Performance, Nutrient Utilization and Economic Return in Nile Tilapia

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Dhirendra P. Thakur; Yang Yi; James S. Diana; C. Kwei Lin

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Conference Proceeding or Document


Sixth International Symposium on Tilapia in Aquaculture

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Manila, Philippines


Abstract: The present research was conducted in six 280-m2 earthen ponds at Bang Sai, Thailand, to investigate and compare water quality, growth performance, nutrient utilization, and economic return for Nile tilapia culture with two fertilization and feeding strategies. There were two treatments in triplicate each: (A) fertilizing ponds throughout the culture period and feeding Nile tilapia starting from day 80; (B) fertilizing ponds until day 80 and feeding Nile tilapia starting from day 80. Ponds were stocked with sex-reversed all-male Nile tilapia at 3 fish m-2. The study showed that tilapia growth in treatment A was significantly better than that in treatment B. Final mean weight of tilapia in treatment A was 312

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