Efficacy of foliar applications os particle filems and genotype for managing thrips, diseases and aflatoxin in peanut

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JP Wilson; CC Holbrook; B Mandal; DL Rowland; ML Wells; DM Wilson

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Scholarly Article


Plant Health Progress

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Abstract: The kaolin-based particle film Surround has been shown to suppress various insect pests and foliar diseases while reducing canopy temperature and improving water use efficiency in certain agricultural production systems. The usefulness of Surround was examined against important production constraints in peanut, including tomato spotted wilt, leaf spots, and aflatoxin contamination. Field experiments were conducted during 2001 using multi-varietal trials with or without spray treatment of Surround (75 lbs/acre) + NuFilm-17 (8 oz/acre). The effects of Surround application were evaluated for control of thrips and tomato spotted wilt on genotypes Georgia Green, C11-2-39, C34-24, and Sunoleic 97R; for control of leaf spots on AgraTech 201, GK 7 High Oleic, and C-99R; and for control of aflatoxin contamination on Aspergillus-inoculated plots of genotypes Georgia Green, AgraTech 201, and GK 7 High Oleic. In these experiments, Surround applications had little or no effect on thrips populations, tomato spotted wilt severity and incidence, leaf spot severity, drought stress, aflatoxin contamination, chlorophyll Content, specific leaf area, and pod yield. In all experiments, host genotype effects were more effective in reducing disease and increasing yield than was Surround protection. Although foliar applications of particle films may be useful for producing certain vegetables and fruits, its benefits for addressing peanut production constraints are limited.

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Wilson, J. P., Holbrook, C. C., Mandal, B., Rowland, D. L., Wells, M. L., and Wilson, D. M. 2004. Efficacy of foliar applications of particle films and genotype for managing thrips, diseases, and aflatoxin in peanut. Online. Plant Health Progress doi:10.1094/PHP-2004- 0419-01-RS.

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