Enhancing The Profitability Of Small Aquaculture Operations In Ghana, Kenya, and Tanzania

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Other Partners:
Purdue University, Virginia Tech (US); Ministry of Fisheries Development (Kenya); Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism, Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism (Tanzania); Sokoine University of Agriculture (Tanzania); Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (Ghana);

Principal Investigator(s):
Hillary Egna

Co-Principal Investigator(s):
Kwamena Quagrainie, Emmanuel Frimpong (US); Steve Amisah (Ghana); Sammy Macharia (Kenya); Kajitanus Osewe (Tanzania); Sebastian Chenyambuga (Tanzania)


The AquaFish CRSP Feed the Future project works in three of the focus countries identified by Feed the Future: Ghana, Kenya, and Tanzania. Feed the Future’s overarching goal is “to sustainably reduce global hunger and poverty by tackling their root causes and employing proven strategies for achieving large scale and lasting impact.” We are focusing on small-scale agricultural producers, high quality seed, and best management practices, working with private sector partners to expand commercially sustainable agro-input industries and dealer networks, including small enterprises and seed production training to improve quality management. Increased access to inputs will be coupled with strategies to help ensure their safe and sustainable use. Our technologies will be refined and tailored to local conditions by supporting national research institutes and building local research capacities, including training local researchers and technicians. If gender inequalities inhibit demand, then these inequalities will be addressed. Our aim is to provide women with equal access to affordable inputs and improved techniques and technology. This project was supported through an Associate Award.

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