Evaluating the Support Structure for Production and Marketing of Tomatoes and Paprika among Smallholders

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International Relief and Development

Principal Investigator(s):
Hans Christian Wien

Co-Principal Investigator(s):
Edward Mabaya; Beth A. Medvecky; Ralph D. Christy; Themos Ntasis; Isatou Jack


The political unrest and economic turmoil in Zimbabwe in the last ten years has destroyed agricultural export industries and the beginnings of an emerging smallholder horticulture sector in the country. The adoption of a stable currency and a unity government awakens the hope that small scale farmers can be stimulated to participate in production of horticultural export and locally marketed crops.

Using the paprika crop grown for export and tomatoes produced for local markets as examples, this exploratory project will determine how smallholders in irrigation schemes in both Manicaland and in periurban areas near Harare get information for production and marketing of these horticultural crops. Potential linkages with local institutions that were previously generating research and extension information on horticulture, such as nearby local universities, private agri-businesses and research and extension arm of the Ministry of Agriculture will be assessed. The potential influence of gender issues on participation, adoption and household level impacts of will be assessed. At the end of the exploratory phase of the project, workshops are planned in each of the two production areas to identify the major findings and opportunities for further work.


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