Expression and inheritance of foreign genes in transgenic peanut plants generated by Agrobacterium mediated transformation

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M Cheng; RL Jarret; Z Li; JW Demski

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Scholarly Article


Plant Cell Reports

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Abstract: To evaluate and characterize the stability of traits transferred viaAgrobacterium transformation, foreign gene expression must be examined in sexually derived progeny. The objectives of this study was to analyze three transgenic peanut plants, 1-10, 12-1, and 17-1, for the inheritance and expression of their foreign genes. Segregation ratios for the introduced genes in T2 plants gave either 100% or 3:1 expression of the -glucuronidase (GUS) gene, demonstrating recovery of both homozygous and heterozygous T1 plants. Fluorometric GUS assay in T1 and T2 generations of all three plants showed that the GUS gene was stably expressed in the progeny. DNA analyses showed 100% concordance between the presence of the foreign gene and enzyme activity. Our results demonstrate that transgenes in peanut introduced byAgrobacterium can be inherited in a Mendelian manner.

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