Food habits and eating patterns of Thai nationals in the United States

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S Sukhumsuvum; AVA Resurreccion

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Scholarly Article


Nutrition Reports International

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Abstract: A survey of food habits and eating patterns of Thai nationals in the U.S. was conducted. Respondents were young adults consisting of nearly equal proportions of males and females. A high proportion of the respondents were students and single, and most originated from Bangkok or the central region of Thailand. Over half of the respondents consumed bread and snacks sometimes, and very seldom took vitamins or supplements. About one third of the shopping excursions was spent shopping at oriental groceries. About half of the respondents were satisfied with their present weight. Rice, soft drinks, coffee, milk, eggs, oranges or orange juice and fruits and vegetables were consumed almost daily. Eggs and chicken were considered to be the major sources of high-protein foods. Although changes in some food habits and consumption frequencies of several foods were observed among the respondents who resided in the U.S. for 1 year or less, and 2 years or more, these changes did not result in a significant alteration of oriental food habits and eating patterns

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