Future Expansion of Global Supplies and Markets for Tilapia Products-2006

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Kevin Fitzsimmons; Pablo Gonzalez

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American Tilapia Association and Pond Dynamics/Aquaculture CRSP

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Vera Cruz, Mexico


Abstract: Tilapia production and consumption have risen rapidly in recent years to 2,096,187 mt in 2005. Expansion of up to 10% per year is anticipated in coming years with global production of 3,000,000 mt per year likely for 2010. China currently produces one half of the global supply and consumes one quarter. As Chinese tilapia aquaculture intensifies, its production level can be expected to continue rapid increases. As the Chinese standard of living increases, the amount of value-added product consumed will increase. North American and European demand for value added products is also increasing rapidly. Center cut loins, breaded and seasoned products will fuel much of the added growth in demand.

More and more of these value added products will be prepared in the producing countries allowing them to capture more of the value chain and profits. Rapid growth in the production and processing sectors will be seen in Southeast Asia and Latin America. Increased production and consumption in the Middle East will be led by Egypt. Egypt’s ability to invest in high quality processing and packaging could open valuable European markets.

Tilapias have passed the salmonids in global production and consumption and should eventually surpass the carps. While this may take 20 years or more, the continued rapid increase in tilapia culture and consumption along with the relatively static condition of the carps make this scenario fairly certain.

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