Genetic diversity within the species Arachis duranensis Krapov & W.C Gregory, a possible progenitor of the cultivated peanut

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HT Stalker; JS Dhesi; GA Kochert

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Abstract: Eighteen accessions of a diploid wild peanut species (Arachis duranensis) were analyzed using morphological, intercrossing, cytological, and RFLP data. Abundant variation was found for morphological characters and for RFLP patterns both between and within accessions, and each accession could be uniquely identified by RFLP pattern. Several plants were found to be F1 hybrids between different accessions, indicating that intercrossing had occurred when these were planted for seed increase. Patterns of RFLP diversity were found to correspond with geographic distribution. Analysis of the number of RFLP fragments observed per accession indicates that additional field collections of this complex of taxa will yield additional genetic variability.Key words: peanut, Arachis hypogaea, Arachis spp., RFLP, variation, genetic diversity.

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