Harvest, Handling, and Processing

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Kevin Fitzsimmons

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Scholarly Article


Food Products Press

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Binghampton, NY


Abstract: Quality control of tilapia products has been one of the most critical aspects of the success of

the industry. Maintaining and improving the quality of the various product forms have been central to the rapid growth of demand for tilapia products in the market. This attention paid to detail starts while the fish are still growing in their various production systems. Processors and farmers work together to ensure that fish are not contaminated by chemical pollutants or by parasites. Virtually all farms check their water sources on a regular basis to ensure high quality. Many farmers now use bird nets or greenhouse covers to keep out birds and other sources of potential contamination. The following are brief descriptions of some of the preharvest and postharvest considerations for growing, harvesting, and processing tilapia.

Additional Bibliographic Information

C. Lim and C.D. Webster (Editors). Tilapia: Biology, Culture, and Nutrition. Food Products Press, Binghamton, pp. 607-618.

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