In vitro culture to eliminate peanut stripe virus from peanut seed

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RDVJ Prasada Rao; G PIO Ribeiro; R Pittman; DVR Reddy; JW Demski

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Scholarly Article


Peanut Science

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Abstract: When excised seed axes of peanut seed, which tested serological positive for peanut stripe virus (PStV), were grown in vitro, 37.5% of the developing plants were PStV-negative. When plants were regenerated from shoot-tips (1 cm long) taken from in vitro-grown, virus-infected plants, 29.4% of them were virus-negative. PStV-positive plants obtained from virus-infected seed were grown for 12 wk on Murashige and Skoog (MS) medium supplemented with 40 mg/L ribavirin (MSR) resulted in 78.6% which tested negative for PStV. All plants from seed which tested positive for PStV were 100% identified as negative if grown on MSR for 16 wk. Similarly all plants were PStV negative when obtained from 1 cm long infected shoot tips (from plants grown on MS or MSR medium) if subsequently grown for 12 wk on MSR medium.

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