Integrating Food Security Issues into Agricultural Research


J.A. Earl; A. Maddur; C.L. Neely; T.L. Price; M.C. Roncoli

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Research Report


Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

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The purpose of this document is to provide a set of guiding principles for the integration of sustainable food security dimensions into the National Agricultural Research Systems (NARS) research agenda. These guidelines are intended to provide input for both short- and long-term strategic planning efforts in institutions wishing to enhance their research programme. The guidelines are targeted specifically for research decision-makers, managers and scientists in the National Agriculture Research Systems along with their institutional partners.

Table of Contents


ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS 1. Introduction 1.1 The Electronic Conference and Document Preparation 1.2 World Food Security: An Issue of Sustainable Development 1.3 Role of the NARS in Food Security 2. CURRENT KEY ISSUES OR THEMES 2.1 Research Challenges 2.2 Gender Dimensions 2.3 Limitations of the Scope 3. GUIDING PRINCIPLES 3.1 Setting the Stage 3.1.1 Improved Institutional Capacity and Operational Environment 3.1.2 Establishment of Institutional Partnerships and Collaborative Processes 3.2 Setting Priorities for Research 3.2.1 Groundwork for Priority Setting 3.2.2 Priority Areas for Research 3.3 Research Approach and Implementation 3.3.1 Understanding the Big Picture 3.3.2 Gathering the Tools 3.3.3 Avoiding Collaboration Pitfalls 3.4 Assessing Research Activities 3.4.1 Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation 3.4.2 Evaluating Research-Generated Technologies 3.4.3 Assessing Impacts of Research 3.4.4 Assessing Investments in Research 3.5 Extension and Outreach 3.5.1 Translating Research Results into Meaningful Information 3.5.2 Employing Outreach Strategies 3.5.3 Implementing Education and Awareness Campaigns 4. RECOMMENDATIONS: ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES 5. CONCLUSIONS REFERENCES APPENDIX ACRONYMS

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