Marketing-Indonesia case study


O. Kurniawan; J. Roshetko

Type of Document:
Research Report


The World Agroforestry Center (ICRAF)

Date of Publication:

Place of Publication:
Nairobi, Kenya


The purpose of research are (1) to identify the potential VAF species or products for Nanggung Farmers; (2) identify market channels & marketing problems; (3) enhances farmers understanding of market mechanism; and (4) identify opportunities to improve the quantity & quality of VAF. The study was conducted on Sept-Oct 2006. Data and information are collected through Focus Group Discussion (FGD) in each village that attended both men and women.

The study found that the most commercial vegetables that were grown in the area of study are yard long bean, tomato, chili, green bean, mustard green & cucumber. The characteristic of vegetable farming system are most of farmers grow the vegetables in open area (rice fields), water supply depend on rainfall and limited fertilizer both chemical and organic. The productions are in small quantity, mix grade & seasonal. Farmers sold their vegetables to neighbor and local market directly and/or by local collectors. Basically, there is no sustainable link between farmers & market.

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