Marketing smallholder-produced agroforestry trees and tree products in Lantapan


S. Koffa; D. Garrity

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Research Report


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Abstract: An objectives of participatory tree domestication research and extension initiatives in Lantapan, a municipality of 14 villages in southern Philippines, is to create an environment that would enable small-scale, capital-limited farmers (smallholders) to incorporate trees into their farming systems that are located in the margins of a national park and within the boundaries of a critical watershed. Market-related variables such as declined prices of smallholder-produced timber and other tree products are a potential disincentive in the quest to engender a tree-growing culture among farmers. However, productivity, conservation and the capacity to generate income can be enhanced and sustained by improved marketing systems (Kamara & von Oppen 1999, FAO 1996, Dewees and Sexena 1995). Attempts towards improved living standards for the world’s most underprivileged and impoverished group of people, smallholders, will make a positive impact if they facilitate development of efficient marketing systems.

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Koffa, S. and D. Garrity. 2000. Marketing smallholder-produced agroforestry trees and tree products in Lantapan.

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