Near-Shore Trawling Fisheries in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam

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Le Xuan Sinh; Nguyen Thanh Long; Do Minh Chung

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17th Biennial Conference of the International Institute of Fisheries Economics & Trade

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Abstract: Local community in the Mekong Delta is said to be “fish eating society” where 70% of their animal protein relies on fish products. The Mekong Delta contributes more than 60% of total aquaculture production and 40% of total wild fish catch of Vietnam. Among a large number of fishing boats, trawlers have developed and dominant in Vietnam fisheries. The small-scale trawlers cover about 70% total number of fishing boats and have been given too much concern in terms of both natural aquatic resources management and other socio-economic problems.

This paper describes the small-scale trawling fisheries in the Mekong Delta using surveyed data from 176 small and near-shore trawling fishers Bentre, Soctrang, Baclieu, Camau and Kiengiang provinces, and compares the differences of major indicators between three main fisher groups: (i) Group 1 – Inside and around Camau National Park, 38 fishers; (ii) Group 2- Near, is that, ? 30 km from Camau National Park, 40 fishers, and (iii) Group 3

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