Pest and pest managment participatory appraisal: Nanggung, West Java, Indonesia, 11-12 September 2006


G. Luther

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AVRDC- The World Vegetable Center

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Powerpoint Presentation. A participatory appraisal (PA) of the pest and pest management situation in Nanggung Subdistrict, West Java, was conducted as part of the SANREM CRSP SE Asia project, Agroforestry and Sustainable Vegetable Production in Southeast Asian Watersheds , on 11-12 September 2006. The main objectives of the PA was to make a qualitative assessment of the situation to enable pertinent planning of research activities.

We focused on the vegetable crops which were shown by the recent baseline survey to be important in Nanggung, i.e., tomato (tomat), yard-long bean (kacang panjang), cucumber (timun), green beans (buncis), leaf onion (bawang daun, Allium fistulosum), and Chinese chive (kucai, Allium tuberosum or A. odorum). Some focus was also put on three vegetables/spices that TMPEGS had identified as having good marketing potential and therefore would likely be promoted during the project, i.e., tebu telur, katuk (Sauropus androgynus), and honje.

Baseline survey results also indicated that, in General, insect pests are more damaging than diseases on the vegetables grown in Nanggung. In addition, farmers lack information on pesticide application doses and methods.

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