Pheromone-Based IPM in Olive and Effects on Non-Target Species

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Plant Protecion Institute, Agricultural University of Tirana, Fruit Tree Research Institute (Albania); Louisiana Tech University (US)

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J. Tedeschini, Sh. Shahini,Plant Protection Institute; R. Uka, Agricultural University of Tirana; M. Bacaj, Fruit Tree Research Institute; D. Pfeiffer, Louisiana Tech


This project evaluated the ”Attract and Kill” method, an improved form of mass trapping, was in several olive groves to control olive fruit fly Bactrocera oleae Gmel. In Mediterranean countries mass-trapping techniques have been found to be useful to control fruit flies. This usefulness of this technique was tested in Albanian olive groves as an way to reduce pesticide residues in olive products and allow successful biological control of black scale.


To develop a selective attractant-based control system for olive fruit fly.


'The Attract and Kill'' system using Eco-traps is effective for fruit fly (B. oleae) management in the olive crop. The application of one trap per tree baited with ammonium bicarbonate and pheromone gave good results to maintain olive fruit fly and olive fruit infestation at low levels. The mass trapping technique can effectively reduce fruit infestation and damage and the olives produced through this technique are also healthy. This method has the potential to replace or substantially reduce insecticide treatments for the control of the olive fruit fly.

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