Physico-chemical and sensory properties of chicken nuggets extended with fermented cowpea and peanut flours

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W Prinyawiwatkul; KH McWatters; LR Beuchat; RD Phillips

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Scholarly Article


Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry

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Abstract: Physicochemical and sensory properties of chicken nuggets extended with flours processed from fermented cowpeas (FCF) and fermented partially defatted peanuts (FPDPF) were investigated. Addition of FCF or FPDPF decreased moisture loss and fat gain. Reductions in protein Content of nuggets were 20.2% and 15.8% when, respectively, 20% FCF and 20% FPDPF were added. Regardless of level of FPDPF, nuggets required relatively lower force and energy to shear compared to control nuggets and nuggets extended with FCF. Nuggets extended with FCF and/or FPDPF had higher a* and lower L*, b*, and hue angle values compared to the control. Color of nuggets containing a mixture of 2.5% FCF and 2.5% FPDPF was similar to the control. Addition of 20% FCF or FPDPF caused flavor of nuggets to be unacceptable. The flavor, texture, and overall liking of nuggets containing 5% flour (2.5% FCF and 2.5% FPDPF) were as acceptable as the control nugget. Results from this study indicate that FCF and FPDPF have potential as extenders in meat systems.

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