Pond culture of tilapia in Rwanda, a high altitude equatorial African country

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B.J. Hanson; .F. Moehl, Jr.;K.L. Veverica; F. Rwangano; M. Van Speybroek

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The Second International Symposium on Tilapia in Aquaculture

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Abstract: Tilapia culture in Rwanda is practiced in ponds at altitudes from 1,300 m to 2,500 m. Air and water temperature are lower than those in other tropical countries where tilapia culture is typically practiced. These conditions require careful pond water management practices for tilapia culture to be successful. Results from experiments and rural harvest indicate that Oreochromis niloticus is superior to Tilapia rendalli and O. macrochir in Rwandan conditions.Reproductive tendencies of O. niloticus are different from those seen elsewhere: age at first reproduction is higher, time before resumption of reproduction after restocking is longer, and number of fingerlings produced per surface are is less. Natural productivity measured in local ponds ranged from 40 to 210 kg/ha/year and net productivity in poorly managed ponds receiving inputs was Generally less than 500 kg/ha/year. However, in well managed ponds, O. niloticus can show average growth of over 1.0 g/day and net productivity of 3,000 kg/ha/year.

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