Potential Restaurant Markets for Farm-Raised Tilapia in Nicaragua

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Ivano Neira; Carole R. Engle; Kwamena Quagrainie

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Scholarly Article


Food Reviews International

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Abstract: This study assessed the potential to increase sales of farm-raised tilapia through domestic restaurants in Nicaragua. Direct personal interviews were conducted with 118 restaurant managers. Information was collected on tilapia and other seafood sales, restaurant and market characteristics, attitudes towards tilapia characteristics, and willingness to add tilapia to the menu. The results from logit analyses suggest that the most promising restaurant markets for tilapia are older restaurants that considered tilapia to be high-quality product and that offered “ceviche” (fish marinated in lime juice) on the menu were those that tended to sell tilapia. Tilapia farmers and processors in Nicaragua will need to guarantee and ensure the flavor, quality, and safety of their product, and promote these attributes.

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Neira, I., C.R. Engle, and K. Quagrainie, 2003. Potential restaurant markets for farm-raised tilapia in Nicaragua. Aquaculture Economics and Management, 7(3/4):231–247.

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