Small-scale fish farming in Rwanda: Data report

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Nathanael Hishamunda; Maria Thomas; David Brown; Carole Engle; Curtis Jolly

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Research Report


Pond Dynamics/Aquaculture CRSP, Oregon State University

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Corvallis, OR


Abstract: This data report presents information collected in a survey of 267 fish farmers in Rwanda in September 1991. The findings are discussed in CRSP Research Report 98-124 entitled, “Small-Scale Fish Farming in Rwanda: Economic Characteristics” (Hishamunda et al., 1998). The Research Report contains enterprise budgets for individual and cooperative enterprises that raised fish and alternative crops. These enterprise budgets demonstrate that fish production yielded the highest net returns to land, labor, and management. Additionally, the Research Report compares the carbohydrate yield and protein costs of fish with those of alternative crops, and concludes that sweet potatoes produced the highest yield of carbohydrates and that soybeans were the least expensive protein source. The results of the study demonstrate that fish culture is a superior production system in terms of cash income per unit of land when compared with other crops raised in the marais, or valley lowlands, in Rwanda. This data report presents information collected in the survey that, while supplemental to the original research Objectives, may be of interest. Section 1 contains 15 tables and 3 figures, which summarize the supplemental data collected by the survey instrument. The questionnaire itself comprises Section 2. Section 3 contains the criteria which were used to classify survey responses as unreliable, factors for converting various measures of crops and inputs into kilograms, and secondary data from the literature which were used to compare the nutritional values of various crops in the Research Report. Sources of secondary data used in the study are listed in the Literature Cited section.

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