Social networks and agricultural production knowledge: Findings from the Mt. Elgon Region (Kenya and Uganda)


K.M. Moore; J.N. Lamb; R. Laker-Ojok; D.N. Sikuku; D.S. Ashilenge; J. Norton

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Description: Technological change leading to sustained smallholder innovation in conservation agriculture (CA) involves more than just the introduction of new practices by a transforming agent (extension or NGO). Many observers note that conservation agriculture requires a change of mind-set for adoption to occur (Hobbs, 2007; Wall, 2007). Successful cases of CA development have also demonstrated active engagement of a network of producers and their partners throughout the agricultural sector (Coughenour, 2003; Swenson and Moore, 2009). Social networks and their associated local and scientific knowledge systems have been shown to have potential for collective management of natural resources, albeit with variable results depending on the structure of the social network (Crona and Bodin, 2006; Schumann, 2011). Based on farm household and modified snowball surveys of agricultural sector and community agents, this paper examines social networks and technological beliefs in four agricultural communities surrounding Mt. Elgon in western Kenya and eastern Uganda.

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Paper presented at the World Congress of Rural Sociology. Lisbon, Portugal. August 2012

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