Sustainable Agriculture and Natural Resource Management Collaborative Research Support Program(SANREM CRSP)


K.M. Moore

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This presentation describes the history and current program of the Sustainable Agriculture and Natural Resource Management Collaborative Research Support Program (SANREM CRSP). SANREM objectives include increasing stakeholder income generation capacity, empowering stakeholders, particularly women, enhancing decentralized resource management, strengthening local institutions, improving market access for smallholders and communities, and promoting sustainable and environmentally sound development. The SANREM CRSP Knowledge and Information System is built on the SANREM Knowledge Base, a web-based metadata storage and retrieval system. Projects composing core program activities are all long-term, multi-disciplinary, and cross-cutting field, farm household, watershed, ecosystem, and policy/governance systems. The current program (2004-2009) builds on previous work through a set of Bridging Awards addressing long-term SANREM issues. These were followed by a two-stage competition for planning awards leading to a selective competition for long-term research awards. At this time, there are five Long-Term Research Award activities covering South East Asia, Latin America, and Africa.

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Presented at the Segundo Seminario Internacional de Investigacion SANREM CRSP: Cambios globales y su efecto sobre los sistemas agropecuarios de la zona andina, La Paz, Bolivia, 28-29 June 2007

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