Technical and Institutional Innovations to Evolve Agroforestry Systems for Sustainable Agriculture and the Management of Protected Ecosystems in the Framework of a Watershed Model


Project Code:
SEA 99-44

Start Date:

End Date:

CRSP Phase:
Phase 2

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Lead University:

Other Partners:
Kitanglad Integrated NGO; IPAS; ICRAF; University of the Philippines Los Banos (Philippines)

Principal Investigator(s):
Dennis P. Garrity

Co-Principal Investigator(s):


Human settlements within or close to the boundaries of the Kitanglad Nature Park (KNP), a protected area with high endemism of fauna and vascular flora in the Philippines, has led to agricultural encroachment, including the harvesting of wood and other forest products. In similar situations, legal protection or government- imposed restrictions alone, as currently evident in the KNP, are rarely sufficient to guarantee the continuing integrity of protected areas. New and credible systems are needed to bridge the gap between the immediate needs of local people and the long-term objectives of protected areas systems, a divergence of interests that has created and fueled bloody conflicts between management of protected areas and local communities.


The project was implemented to meet two broad objectives: 1. To broaden and deepen our knowl- edge base on the effective and cost- efficient technical innovations and farmer- driven Landcare approaches for fostering, expanding, and sustaining smallholder participation in and adoption of conserva- tion farming in upland watersheds 2. Build and nurture an enabling envi- ronment for the establishment, develop- ment and management of smallholder tree-based production systems as viable enterprises and a vehicle for reforestation of deforested upper watersheds.


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