The peopling of Lantapan


M. Paunlagui; V. Suminguit

Type of Document:
Research Report


University of the Philippines- Los Banos

Date of Publication:

Place of Publication:
Laguna, Philippines


Abstract: The study examines the demographic situation in Lantapan, Bukidnon since it became a municipality. It examines population attributes, namely, age distribution, composition, growth rate, sources of growth and what their likely implications are on the size of future population and the pressure on agricultural production. It also provides account on how the Talaandigs and the Dumagats came to settle in Lantapan and an in-depth analysis of the dynamic interaction between these two tribal groups in relation to land use. Population growth in Lantapan was due to natural increase and migration. There are indications that population growth rate is declining in the recent years. This can be attributed to declining fertility that in turn can be due to increased age at first marriage, improved education, and use of artificial contraception. The data also suggest that Lantapan is becoming an out migration area.

Additional Bibliographic Information

Paunlagui, M. and V. Suminguit. 2000. The Peopling of Lantapan. ISPPS Working Paper No. 2000-3. UP Los Ba?os, College, Laguna.

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