The Sustainable Development Virtual Knowledge Interface (SusDeViki): Expanding the Impact of Practical Scientific Concepts for Low-Literate Learners Through an Inclusive and Participatory Virtual Knowledge Ecosystem

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Julia Bello-Bravo; Ricardo Diaz; Srinivas Venugopal; Madhu Viswanathan; Laura D. Steele; Manuele Tamo; Ibrahim Baoua; Malick Ba; Clementine Dabire; Barry Robert Pittendrigh

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Kigali, Rwanda


A poster presented at the 2012 Global Pulse Researchers Meeting, Kigali, Rwanda- “Transforming Grain-Legume Systems to Enhance Nutrition and Livelihoods”. Abstract: Extension materials for low-literate learners are often developed as part of specialized projects for specific regions or groups. In some cases these materials are inaccessible to other development organizations during the project’s life or are lost at the end of the project. More recently, such development materials are typically placed on individual websites for the purpose of preserving the Content beyond the scope of any given project. However, such materials are (i) often challenging to find and (ii) those individuals that are able to find and adapt these materials for local use cannot return these local adaptations to the World Wide Web without creating new, often separate, websites. We have developed an Internet-based virtual knowledge sharing system for development materials for educational materials that can be used with low-literate learners that allows educators to easily access the materials and to contribute their local adaptations and local solutions. The site is similar to a “wikipedia” in terms of ease of use but contains materials that have been peer-reviewed before publication. The site also allows for post-publication online reviews and updates as mechanisms to assist in the improvement of Content and to facilitate the localized adaptation of Content.

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