Vegetable agroforestry annual report – AVRDC


TMPEGS - Technology Team

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Project Document


World Vegetable Center (AVDRC)

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Tainan, Taiwan


In Taiwan, field evaluation of vegetable species and varieties under Agroforestry system continued at AVRDC Organic Farm.

In the Philippines. An assessment of VAF systems was conducted in Lantapan, Bukidnon, Philippines, covering 21 farms, two agroforestry systems, six tree species, eight vegetables and four aspects.

In Vietnam, major activities conducted include the implementation of the experiments and on-farm trials with drip irrigation on vegetables, termite control in young cacao planting, experiment with shade-tolerant indigenous root crop under cashew and vegetables grown under different light regimes, drip irrigation on perennial crop, review of policy related to VAF and stakeholder discussion, conducting field survey on integrated crop and pest management and policy, and preparing research Abstracts and posters for the annual SANREM meeting.

In Indonesia, trials were conducted to determine the effect of different fertilizers and plant spacing (population) on growth and yield of several indigenous vegetables.

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A SANREM-TMPEGS Technology Team Annual Report, October 2008.

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