Village Level Integration of Alternative Integrated Pest Management in Rice Onion Cropping System

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MC Casimero, S Canete, NV Dasalla, G Arida,AM Baltazar and LS Sebastian (PhilRice)


This project focused on village level integration to shorten the time for technologies to reach farmers. Because it involves active farmer participation, farmers can readily evaluate the technologies and select which of these would fit into their current farming practices. It was envisioned that with the direct involvement and participation of farmers in the project, they will easily understand the scientific basis of these technologies and how these would increase their yields and profits as well as promote the sustainability of their system.


1. To involve active participation of farmers in technology development and adaptation through hands-on evaluation of alternative IPM technologies 2. To integrate the alternative IPM strategies into the current farming practices of farmers 3. To gather farmers' feedback on the IPM strategies introduced 4. To do comparative analyses between alternative IPM technologies and farmers' pest management practices


Results indicate that with the proper integration of sound pest management practices, farmers can generate higher yield and income compared to their conventional practices. IPM farmers increased their onion yield by 6.62% in San Jose and 29.78% in Bongabon compared to the non- IPM farmers. Also, the IPM interventions reduced the production cost per hectare giving the farmers an income advantage of 31.32% (San Jose) and 49.44% (Bongabon). Moreover, the pest management cost in IPM fields incurred 55.80% and 27.11% savings over that of the non IPM in San Jose and Bongabon respectively. These results are consistent with the results of the previous activities on village level integration activity.

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