Dry Grain Pulses (Pulse)

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Regulatory considerations surrounding the deployment of Bt-expressing cowpea in Africa: report of the deliberations of an expert panel

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  • Date of Publication: 6/1/2011
  • Author(s): J. Huesing; J. Romeis; N. Ellstrand; A. Raybould; R. Hellmich; J. Wolt; J. Ehlers; V. Margam; R. Pasquet; J. Stein; M. Tamò; B. R. Pittendrigh; C. Fatokun; K. Hokanson; M. Ishiyaku; M. Matole; J. Mignouna; W. Moar; F. Nangayo; J. Ouedraogo; B. Schaal; L. Murdock
  • Type of Document: Research Report