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Index-based Weather Insurance for Coffee Cooperatives in Guatemala

Risk reduction remains a major challenge in increasing productivity and enhancing livelihoods among smallholders in developing countries. Index-based weather insurance offers a new promise for this […]

Quintero, Juan Felipe

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Dustan, Andrew

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Contracting Out of Poverty in Peru: Some Experimental Approaches

The research aims to help in the design of new institutional mechanisms that will favor the inclusion of smallholders and link them to dynamic markets through […]

Enhancing Smallholder Competitiveness in the Face of Globalization

This project studied how fair trade, linking of insurance to credit, credit bureaus, and microfinance lending increases the competitiveness of the smallholder sector.

Solis, Alex

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Cia, Jing

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Micro Health Insurance in Rural Cambodia: An evaluation of the impact on the stabilization of incomes and enhancement of agricultural productivity and asset accumulation

This project evaluated the GRET/SKY micro-health insurance program in Cambodia, focusing on how micro-health insurance reduces the rural poor’s susceptibility to loss of income and productive […]

Rodriguez-Chamussy, Lourdes

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Bando, Rosangela

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