University of Nebraska, Lincoln

Adetunji, Adeoluwa

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Maria, Ricardo

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Identification and Release of Brown Midrib ( bmr ) Sorghum Varieties to Producers in Central America and Haiti

Scientists from the INTSORMIL-CENTA project based at the National Center for Agricultural Technology and Forestry (CENTA) of El Salvador have worked for five years to develop […]

Liben, Feyera

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Kasosi, Angelia

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Mella, Onesmo

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Crop, Soil and Water management to optimize Grain Yield and Quality for Value- Added Markets in Eastern and Southern Africa

The goal of this project is to improve food security and market development of sorghum and pearl millet in ESA through research, institutional capacity building and […]

Building a Sustainable Infrastructure for the Product Development and Food Entrepreneur/ Industry Technical Support: A Strategy to promote increased use of Sorghum and Millet in East Africa

Sorghum and millet are ideal crops for many parts of Africa. Maize, however, is favored by many as a food source; farmers thus grow Maize even […]

Mkandawire, Nyambe Lisulo

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Entrepreneurship and Product Development in East Africa: A Strategy to Promote Increased Use of Sorghum and Millet

This project established, primarily in Tanzania, an active educational and small-business assistance infrastructure designed to support entrepreneurial businesses developing sorghum and millet food products.