LTRA-5: Agroforestry and Sustainable Vegetable Production in Southeast Asia Watersheds


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CRSP Phase:
Phase 3


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Lead University:

Other Partners:
ICRAF, De La Salle University, University of the Philippines at Los Banos, The Word Vegetable Center, IAVRD, Department of Geography, University of the Philippines Diliman, Nong Lam University, Central Queensland University, Winrock International, Texas A&M University, Bogor Agricultural University

Principal Investigator(s):
Manuel R. Reyes

Co-Principal Investigator(s):
Charles Raczkowski, Gudigopuram Reddy, Robin Marsh, Ronald Morse, Conrad Heatwole, David Midmore, Howard Shapiro, Raghavan Srinivasam, Delia Catacutan, Rodel Lasco, Agustin Mercado, Joshi Laxman, James Roshetko, Flordeliza Faustino, Liwayway Engle, Greg Luther, Ali Mubarik, Manuel Palada, Elena Chiong-Xavier, Victor Ella, Victoria Espaldon, Dang Ha, Jean Saludadez, AnasSusila


VAF is the integration of vegetable crops with trees or trees with vegetable crops


1. Technology. Developing economically viable, ecologically sound VAF systems. 2. Markets. Conducting market-value chain research at the local, regional, and national levels that builds on existing strategies. 3. Policy. Identifying options and frameworks that promote sustainable VAF and reward environmental services. 4. Environment. Evaluating the short- and long-term environmental and socioeconomic effects for farm families who adopt integrated VAF systems. 5. Gender. Ensuring women's involvement in decision-making and sustainable production and practices. 6. Scaling up. Building host country capacity to manage and disseminate integrated VAF.


Communities in many forests and vegetable-producing areas in Southeast Asia suffer from poverty as forest, soil, and water resources are degraded. This project developed economically viable and ecologically sound vegetable-agroforestry systems and quantified their potential benefits. These systems were adapted to watersheds in Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

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