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Transhumance, natural resources, and conflict in the Sahel: a pilot project

Pastoral and agricultural systems, and pastoral and agricultural livelihoods, are tightly coupled and interdependent in West Africa. However, conflict is on the rise between pastoralists and […]

Mali Poultry Project

Encouraging sustainable poultry production in Mali will require a combined infrastructural and educational effort. A fundamental need exists for improved genetics, reproduction, nutrition, husbandry, disease prevention, […]

Mali Livestock and Pastoral Initiative, Phase 2

The USAID mission in Mali identified a need to improve the productivity and income of pastoralists and livestock producers in Mali, in particular the northern regions. […]

Group Insurance: The Case of Cotton Producers in Mali

The aim of this project is to insure Malian cotton producers. The vast majority of cotton producers in Mali are small farmers for whom cotton represents […]

  • Start Date: 2010
  • End Date: 2013/06/30
  • Project Code: Not Available
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Dual Strike Point Index Insurance Contracts for Cotton Farmers in West Africa

The BASIS I4 research team, led by researchers at the University of California Davis and the University de Namur, designed an innovative multi-scale insurance index that […]

Enhancing the Peanut Value Chain, from Processing to Marketing of Peanuts and Peanut Products – Processing

Our goal is to enhance incomes and employment opportunities of people through a strategy of improving agricultural producers’ and processors’ access to markets and stimulating new […]



Enhancing the peanut value chain, from processing to marketing peanuts and peanut products

This project’s goals include income enhancement along the peanut value chain, job creation through peanut processing, market access for producers and stimulation of new market demand, […]