Ari, Sharif

Country of Origin:
  • Start Date: 1985/01/01
  • End Date: 1987/12/31
  • University:
  • Degree: MS

Youm, Ousmane

Country of Origin:

Agronomy and Cropping Systems

This project focused on determining the water use efficiency of grain sorghum and pearl millet following soybeans in rotation. Study the ”rotational effect” in grain sorghum-soybeans […]

Mineral Uptake and Utilization in Sorghum and Pearl Millet

Experiments were conducted in Mali and Niger to determine nitrogen response of sorghums and pearl millets in several locations.

Breeding Sorghum for Developing Countries

This project aims to use the variability created from crosses between two complementary germplasm groups–recently bred high yield tropical food quality sorghums and elite U.S. lines–in […]

Development of Agronomically Superior Germplasm Including Varieties, Hybrids and Populations Which Have Improved Nutritional Value and Good “Evident” Grain Quality for Utilization in Developing Countries

The major focus of this project is to develop high yielding sorghum varieties with acceptable food quality and good nutritional value for utilization in developing countries.

  • Start Date: 1984
  • End Date: 1991
  • Project Code: PRF-103A
  • Lead University:

Breeding Sorghum Varieties and Hybrids with Improved Grain Quality, Drought Resistance and Striga Resistance

To strengthen sorghum research capabilities of collaborating scientists in less developed countries, thereby accelerating the rate at which the production and utilization of sorghum is enhanced. […]

  • Start Date: 1984
  • End Date: 1991
  • Project Code: PRF-107
  • Lead University:

Breeding for Productivity in Sorghum

The principal objective of this project was to bring together in a deliberately focused manner all those traits which cause the production of higher yielding sorghums […]

Breeding for Disease and Drought Resistance and Increased Genetic Diversity

The principal objectives of this project were to identity and develop disease resistant and drought resistant sorghum germplasm in diverse backgrounds for use by collaborating LDC […]

Chemical and Physical Aspects of Food and Nutritional Quality of Sorghum and Millet

This project worked collaboratively with ARC in Sudan. It also provided basic information relative to our knowledge of sorghum endosperm proteins. A goal of this project […]

  • Start Date: 1984
  • End Date: 1991
  • Project Code: PRF-103B
  • Lead University: