Complementarities of Training, Technology, and Credit in Smallholder Agriculture: Impact, Sustainability, and Policy for Scaling-up

Programs of training and time-limited subsidization of inputs or capital are often pursued to overcome barriers to farmers’ technology adoption. How successful is this model in […]

Malal, Al Hassane

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Mali Poultry Project

Encouraging sustainable poultry production in Mali will require a combined infrastructural and educational effort. A fundamental need exists for improved genetics, reproduction, nutrition, husbandry, disease prevention, […]

Management of river systems for the future/La gestion des systemes fluviaux pour l’avenir

In response to increased conflict between mobile livestock producers and rice farmers, GSFA/ RIVERS is predicting the impact of climate change on vegetation in the Niger […]

  • Start Date: 2010/11/01
  • End Date: 2015
  • Project Code: RIVERS/GSFA
  • Lead University:

Sarr, Mame Penda

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Mali Livestock and Pastoral Initiative, Phase 2

The USAID mission in Mali identified a need to improve the productivity and income of pastoralists and livestock producers in Mali, in particular the northern regions. […]

Badji, Kemo

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Impact assessment of Bean/Cowpea and Dry Grain Pulses CRSP investments in research, institutional capacity building, and technology dissemination in Africa, Latin America and the U.S.

Impact assessments are widely recognized to perform two functions–accountability and learning. Greater accountability (and strategic validation) is seen as a prerequisite for continued support for development […]

West African Regional Consortium for IPM Excellence

Vegetables are a critical source of nutrition and an important cash crop in West Africa. Vegetable crop production in West Africa is subject to constraints including […]

  • Start Date: 2009
  • End Date: 2014
  • Project Code: Not Available
  • Lead University: