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Improving nutrition and productivity of buffaloes to adapt to the impacts of climate change in Nepal.

Michigan State University, in collaboration with NARC, AFU and the DLS in Nepal, will conduct collaborative research on forage crop cultivation, feeding, and reproduction management in […]

Cell Phone Enabled Personalized Agro-Advisory Services for Horticultural Crops in South Asia

Recent advances in telecommunication technologies and rapid uptake of cell-phones by millions of growers provide excellent opportunities for delivering real-time information to growers in rural areas. […]



Developing Low-Cost Pest Exclusion and Microclimate Modification Technologies for Small-Scale Vegetable Growers

This project seeks to harness alternative pest management techniques, micro-climate modifications, and growers’ education and training to improve small-scale vegetable production in East and West Africa. […]



Enhancing livestock production systems in Tajikistan to mitigate potential impacts of climate change

The FORT project team is working to overcome current and predicted forage shortages brought on by changes in political structure and climate change-induced drought conditions by […]

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Strategic Investment in Rapid Technology Dissemination: Commercialization of Disease Resistant Bean Varieties in Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Haiti (BTD)

The Bean Technology Dissemination (BTD) project addresses the shortage of high-quality bean seed available to resource-poor farmers in Haiti, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua. The objectives of […]

Improving Nutritional Status and CD4 Counts in HIV-Infected Children through Nutritional Support

The overall goal of the research is to determine if eating beans or cowpeas will improve the immune status of children that are not being treated […]