Livestock-Climate Change (LCC)

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Sustainable Pastoralism on the Borana Plateau: An Innovation Systems Approach

This study will test best-bet land and livestock interventions that can move the pastoral system bacy towards sustainability through a participatory framework that creates community action […]

Improving nutrition and productivity of buffaloes to adapt to the impacts of climate change in Nepal.

Michigan State University, in collaboration with NARC, AFU and the DLS in Nepal, will conduct collaborative research on forage crop cultivation, feeding, and reproduction management in […]

Adaptation for Climate Change by Livestock Smallholders in Gandaki River Basin

Nepal is experiencing rapid climate change, whose nature and implications for livestock raising, under evolving rural social and economic systems, are poorly understood. This project aims […]

Climate variability, pastoralism, and commodity chains in Ethiopia and Kenya

The CHAINS project aims to improve policy impacts on pastoral marketing and commodity chains through evaluation of interactions between climate, market access for pastoral livestock producers, […]

  • Start Date: 2011/12/01
  • End Date: 2015
  • Project Code: CHAINS
  • Lead University:

A cost-effectiveness framework for landscape rehabilitation and carbon sequestration in North Kenya

The CARBON project is working to improve rangeland management, mitigate climate change, improve pastoralist livelihoods, and provide skills and training to young scientists by developing participatory […]

Strengthening Tanzanian livestock health and pastoral livelihoods in a changing climate

The HALI-2 project is implementing a program to reduce vulnerability for pastoralists in Tanzania to altered disease dynamics brought about by climate change by improving regional […]

Pastoral transformations to resilient futures: understanding climate change from the ground up

The PTRF team is working with Maasai pastoralists to co-create strategies for sustaining livestock production based on an understanding of the most important climate and social […]

Transhumance, natural resources, and conflict in the Sahel: a pilot project

Pastoral and agricultural systems, and pastoral and agricultural livelihoods, are tightly coupled and interdependent in West Africa. However, conflict is on the rise between pastoralists and […]

Enhancing livestock production systems in Tajikistan to mitigate potential impacts of climate change

The FORT project team is working to overcome current and predicted forage shortages brought on by changes in political structure and climate change-induced drought conditions by […]

Increasing adaptive capacity of Mongolian livestock herders under a changing climate through rangeland ecosystem monitoring and community-based conservation

The REMM ream is empowering Mongolian pastoralists to adapt to climate change by creating a system to monitor and manage rangeland health. With pastoralists, they are […]