Livestock-Climate Change (LCC)

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Risk, perception, resilience, and adaptation to climate change in Niger and Tanzania

Building on household interviews conducted during the 2004/2005 food crisis, the RPRA project is developing indicators of pastoral community vulnerability and resilience to climate change, and […]

Management of river systems for the future/La gestion des systemes fluviaux pour l’avenir

In response to increased conflict between mobile livestock producers and rice farmers, GSFA/ RIVERS is predicting the impact of climate change on vegetation in the Niger […]

  • Start Date: 2010/11/01
  • End Date: 2015
  • Project Code: RIVERS/GSFA
  • Lead University:

Mali Poultry Project

Encouraging sustainable poultry production in Mali will require a combined infrastructural and educational effort. A fundamental need exists for improved genetics, reproduction, nutrition, husbandry, disease prevention, […]

Mali Livestock and Pastoral Initiative, Phase 2

The USAID mission in Mali identified a need to improve the productivity and income of pastoralists and livestock producers in Mali, in particular the northern regions. […]

Past and Future Climate Assessments of Livestock Vulnerability in Nepal

We propose a pilot program of interdisciplinary research and training in Nepal related to climate change, livestock, food insecurity, and human nutrition. Partnerships between Utah State […]

Capacity-building and Strengthening of Livestock Production Systems While Adapting to Climate Change in Nepal

Rapid land use changes, forest degradation, soil erosion, climate change, policy deficits, and community inability to handle these challenges have caused a downward spiral of the […]

Livestock, Livelihoods and Climate Change Interaction: Collaborative Research in the Mountains of Nepal

This project seeks to identify key vulnerabilities of livestock-based livelihoods to climate change in the Solukhumbu and Humla districts of the Mountain region of Nepal. This […]